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5 Benefits of Massage Therapy You Might Not Expect

By November 21, 2019Massage Therapy
Victoria Massage Therapy

Many of us go for a massage for relief from aching muscles or to relax after a difficult week.  After all, regular sessions with a registered massage therapist can alleviate all kinds of symptoms and ailments.  There are, however, added benefits that you may not expect, that can improve your overall sense of health and well-being.

  1. Better Sleep. If you suffer from persistent pain or uncomfortable levels of ‘muscle tension’, chances are you don’t always sleep as well as you should.  In addition to providing better mobility and pain relief, massage therapy can promote better sleep.  This can be related to a number of factors, including improved comfort and decreased pain, or simply due to the fact you feel generally more relaxed.
  2. Improved Performance. Many athletes report that with regular massage therapy, they are able to perform more consistently, and at a higher level, than without a set routine with their RMT.  This is because patients who have a consistent treatment plan have improved mobility in their muscles and joints, have better flexibility, increased range of motion and can train harder.  Caring for all your soft tissues both before and after sport can significantly improve your performance and can limit injury.
  3. Enhanced Stress Relief. Many patients come for massage therapy to relieve muscle strains, only to find that their overall stress level has decreased, and they are better equipped to manage their day to day lives.  Massage can reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure from stress and anxiety.  The simple act of carving out time in the day to focus on your own health in a calm and quiet environment can go a long way towards helping patients feel mentally and physically better.  Whether you are a busy executive or a stressed-out university student – or anything in between – massage therapy can provide surprising benefits when it comes to stress relief!
  4. Increased Well-Being. Because massage therapy effects more than just the soft tissues and joints of the body, treatments from an RMT can often result in an overall greater sense of well-being.  With patient consent and proper guidance an RMT can help you to make better health and lifestyle choices.  Feeling more energetic and mentally focused is a necessary step to overall wellness .
  5. Pain Relief. Patients often accept a certain amount of pain as their daily reality.  Persistent lower back pain, or tense shoulder muscles are sometimes attributed to the day to day routine such as work or sport, or else may be a result of old injuries that resurface over time.  It is sometimes a surprise then, when a patient comes in for treatment for another area of their body, only to find there is relief to be had with their existing pain.  Using gentle manipulation and a combination of different modalities, our RMT’s can help find lasting solutions for the most stubborn aches and pains.

It’s easy to see that massage therapy is great for a number of issues and ailments, from stress relief, to sleep deprivation and pain.  The benefits of massage reach far beyond pain relief and relaxation to improve the overall health and wellness of patients from every walk of life.  If you’d like to learn more about how massage therapy can benefit you or someone you love, give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our RMT’s today.  We’re happy to answer your questions and give you advice on the treatments that will work best for you.