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Chiropractic Subluxation

By February 11, 2015March 3rd, 2017Chiropractic

You may have been to a Victoria chiropractor before who explained the theory of subluxation to you and had some very convincing explanations of thing you experience in your body to help you understand what he/she was talking about. The problem with the theory of subluxation is that it is wholly unsupported by scientific evidence. It does not hold up to scientific scrutiny. The idea that a vertebral body can end up positioned incorrectly in the spine is false. Vertebrae do not move “out of place” and they do not cause organs to function incorrectly. Having a chiropractor in Victoria who understands this will assist you in regaining your function and living life with less or no pain.

The experience that we have regarding the feeling of being “out” is merely that, “a feeling”. Our brain gets information from the body about its current state of being and how we are moving about in the world. This is called proprioception and when we have a change in the information coming from the body, we change our behaviours in response to this information. If our knowledge of our body includes the idea that the vertebra can go “out of place” certain sensory inputs will give us the information that something has changed around the vertebra and the output or behaviour change may be to tighten muscles around that vertebra that has “gone out”. That would be an appropriate response from our brain if our vertebra could actually do that. Another response could be to focus your attention on the area that “feels out” and try to move it around and make the muscles work by contracting and relaxing. This may relieve the sensation, or maybe it won’t. Sometimes we need some outside input to help us move our bodies around better.

Our chiropractors can empower you to know when there is a problem and when you just need a little help moving your body more freely. You don’t need to be a slave to your “subluxations”! You can be free and have the ability to set your own course with careful guidance and assistance when needed. These Victoria chiropractors help you by being a partner by your side who will help you when you stumble, rather than crutch to lean on for the rest of your life.