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Getting the Most Out of Your Massage

By May 26, 2016March 3rd, 2017Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage can be helpful for many  individuals. It can relieve chronic pain, aid in therecovery of sports injuries, contribute to improved mental health, or simply provide relaxation and relief from day to day stress.  But there are ways for you to make the most of your massage treatment and to enjoy its lasting benefits for even longer:

Be Honest About Your Health History:  We really do want to know everything.  Don’t edit what you think we don’t need to know because you think it’s not important.  We design a unique treatment plan for you with your specific needs in mind, and can tailor it so that we either relieve existing symptoms or avoid areas that could become aggravated.

Work Out Before or After Your Massage:  If you want to work out on the day of your massage – go for it.  There are no negative consequences when you exercise before or after a massage.  Strenuous workouts after a massage may be more difficult, but light aerobic exercise or weight training can be beneficial in maximizing the treatment’s benefits.  Some people prefer to work out prior to their massage appointments.  That is okay with us, but we prefer you have a shower before your appointment!

Undress To Your Own Comfort Level:  As therapists, it is easiest for us to access all of the areas we need to work if you are completely undressed, but many clients are uncomfortable disrobing entirely – and that’s totally ok.  Rest assured that we are professionals and we have seen it all before.  We are adept at draping our clients so that they never feel exposed, and we always work within your comfort level.  Talk to your therapist if you have any concerns.  Our goal is to have you calm and relaxed so you can enjoy the maximum benefit from your treatment.

Don’t Eat Right Before Your Massage:  If you eat right before your massage, you could find that the manipulation combined with being relaxed may cause digestive distress and detract from the comfort of your massage.  Eating a light meal a few hours before your treatment will allow you to relax and enjoy your massage without the discomfort of digestive issues.