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How to Prolong the Effects of Massage

Massage therapy can be beneficial in many different ways.  It promotes relaxation, helps to sooth sore, aching tissues, provides relief from stress and anxiety and can aid in recovery from injuries.  The effects of massage are far reaching and generally make patients feel better.  So how can you maintain the benefits of massage?  Here are a few easy tips to help you feel your best between visits:

Eat a Healthy Diet

This one seems simple, but it’s true.  Ensuring that you have adequate nutrition and cutting out some of the excess refined sugar and carbs in your diet can go a long way towards feeling your best.  Ensure that your diet includes lots of fruits and veggies, and lean proteins such as fish, chicken and tofu.  What’s more, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, and to limit alcoholic beverages to just a few a week.  Eating well and staying hydrated is a great start to feeling healthy and strong.

Get Quality Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to overall health and well-being.  Having good sleep hygiene can include setting a regular time to go to sleep and wake up, and also removing all electronics from the bedroom so that there are no distractions and your brain is allowed to rest.  Sleeping in a cool room is helpful to many people who have trouble regulating sleep, as is turning off the television and finding a quiet activity for 30 – 40 minutes before bed.

Incorporate Exercise into your Daily Routine

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to get a good dose of exercise.  You can add physical activity to your daily routine in a number of simple ways:

  • Take the stairs at work
  • Get off the bus and walk several stops to your destination
  • Join an adult learn-to-play sport
  • Take up paddling or kayaking
  • Ride a bike
  • Invest in some simple equipment and DIY your own exercise routine

It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, just that you get up and move a few times a day.  You’ll find the benefits of exercise will affect more than just your waistline!

If you’re stumped on some exercises or simply want some stretches to do between sessions, your RMT will be happy to make some suggestions that are tailored specifically for you!

Add Complementary Services

If you want to complement the benefits of massage, consider combining other services that may enhance your level of care.  Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Treatment and Acupuncture can all work in concert to maximize your services and provide lasting results.  Speak to your RMT to see if any of these additional services would be helpful to you.  We can design a customized treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs.

Make Massage a Part of Your Regular Health Care Routine

If you enjoy the odd massage, but find that the effects don’t last very long, consider creating a regular routine that includes massage and exercise as a part of your health care regimen.  Many people think of a massage as a treat or an escape, and it can be those things too, but committing to weekly or bi-weekly massage therapy can help to improve muscle movement, relieve aches and pains, contribute to mental well-being and promote relaxation.  Most insurance providers cover some or all of the cost of massage therapy, so for many, taking the time to receive these health services can be cost neutral.  Talk to your Massage Therapist to see how regular massage therapy can benefit your overall mental and physical health.