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ICBC – Revised Massage Therapy Policy as of January 2012

By March 7, 2012March 3rd, 2017News
  • ICBC now categorizes massage therapy as per physiotherapy and chiropractic.  This means that treatment is automatically approved for a claimant injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA).
  • ICBC has removed the “1st 8 weeks post MVA” time limitation on massage therapy treatments.  This means that a patient can seek and receive massage therapy any time after an MVA, provided that the claim is still open.
  • An MD referral is no longer necessary for the first 12 treatments.  But all therapists are required to assess and determine that their treatment plan is reasonable and necessary.
  • ICBC is regulated to pay a portion ($23 per treatment) of a minimum 12 treatments but has the discretion to authorise further therapy (up to 20 treatments).  A request for more than 12 treatments is given if further therapy is recommended by an MD, and again the treatments are deemed to be reasonable and necessary.