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Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Most people are aware that massage can be helpful to relieve aches and strains from day to day life, but massage during pregnancy can be particularly helpful to ease the pain and discomfort that often plagues expectant mothers.

Prenatal massage is an excellent tool throughout all stages of pregnancy, and is customized for each patient based on their phase in pregnancy, level of comfort and the challenges they are facing at a particular time.  Since every woman and every pregnancy is different, it’s important to consider the unique factors that impact each individual as her pregnancy progresses.

Muscle Aches

It’s no secret that pregnancy brings with it the challenge of achy muscles and painful spots as the body adapts to the changes within it.  Massage therapy can help to relieve these symptoms of stiffness and pain from physical adaptations  as your weight and shape changes to accommodate your growing baby.  Massage therapy can help to ease tension and relax your body so you are at your very best to face all of the exciting changes ahead.

Back Pain

Back Pain can be a problem for pregnant women.  Bearing extra weight puts an enormous amount of pressure on your muscles, especially if you are required to stand, lift or walk a great deal in your day to day life.  An RMT will design a unique treatment plan to address your problem areas and provide you with the relief you need to function well and feel great throughout your pregnancy.

Leg Cramps and Stiffness

Many of our patients complain about leg cramps, stiff joints, inflamed calf muscles and swollen ankles during pregnancy.  If this is the case for you, we can help by focusing our techniques on these bothersome areas.  Massage helps to minimalize pain, improve circulation and reduce tension.  Let us help you stay active and busy throughout your entire pregnancy with a prenatal massage tailored just for you.


Many pregnant women don’t realize they can seek headache relief through massage therapy.  While increased blood flow, stress and hormones can often lead to headaches for expectant mothers, many are reluctant to use over-the-counter medications and would prefer a more natural solution.  Your RMT will pay special attention to the head, neck and shoulder areas to help you relax and alleviate headache pain.

Anxiety and Stress

It’s not uncommon for a mom-to-be to have anxiety and stress in her life.  In fact, whether you are having your first baby or your fifth, there’s plenty to think and worry about.  You are certainly not alone.  Massage Therapy can help with anxiety and stress.  Simply carving out an hour for your session allows you to focus on yourself and your needs, free from the obligations of work, kids and family.  Taking the time to rest, relax and restore your body goes a long way towards healing your mind as well.  Many patients report a lasting effect of massage therapy both on their physical well-being, and their mental health.


Everyone knows, sleeping with a pregnant belly isn’t easy.  Between carrying a baby that hasn’t yet figured out night and day, an overactive bladder and an ever-changing body, sleep can really be elusive.  It’s important, though, to prioritize a good night’s rest, because it recharges you for the day ahead, and helps you to stay strong and healthy for you and your developing baby.  Massage therapy can help to promote good sleep by easing tension, stretching out weary tissues, and putting you in a positive state of mind.  If you’re having trouble getting your zzz’s, consider giving prenatal massage a try.