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Massage Therapy ICBC Coverage

By December 22, 2015March 3rd, 2017Massage Therapy

Since January 2012, massage therapy has been included by ICBC in the same category as chiropractic and physiotherapy for treatments following a motor vehicle accident (MVA). This means that it is automatically approved as a means of treatment. Read on to learn more about how ICBC coverage works for massage therapy in Victoria BC.

You can receive treatment any time after the accident while the claim is open

ICBC previously had it so treatment could only be received within the first eight weeks after the MVA. Now, as long as your case is still open, you can receive treatment for as long as you need.

The first twelve treatments are partially covered by ICBC

$23 per each of the first twelve treatments automatically receives coverage. How this coverage works depends on how your Victoria BC massage therapist works with ICBC.

You do not need approval from a medical doctor for the first twelve treatments

You also do not need to receive MD approval to access this. Previous regulations made it so you had to get approved by a doctor to receive treatment, but this is no longer necessary. The one condition to this is that the massage therapy treatment must be determined to be necessary and reasonable considering the accident. Your Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) may contact ICBC to inform them of the treatment they are providing, as this is recommended by the College of Massage Therapists of BC.

If you require further treatment, ICBC can approve up to twenty sessions

A total of twenty treatments could be approved by ICBC, should your MD recommend that you attend more than those first twelve treatment sessions.

At Achieve Health, all massage therapy treatments are based on the latest research. Assessing our patients to determine their needs is essential for providing the best quality service, and we welcome you to contact us, if you wish to learn more.