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Treating Repetitive Use Injuries

At Achieve Health, we offer multiple disciplines for treating repetitive use injuries.  Depending on your condition, and the severity of your symptoms, we may recommend using one or more services to help relieve pain and improve strength and movement.  Many patients believe that their pain is simply related to their lifestyle and can’t be improved.  The good news is, repetitive use injuries are definitely treatable, and preventable, with experienced health services that focus on your individual needs.

What are the Symptoms of a Repetitive Use Injury?

Symptoms of a repetitive use injury may include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Loss of strength in the affected area
  • Loss of sensation
  • Tingling or throbbing

What causes repetitive use injuries?

Any action done repeatedly that overstresses your body’s ability to withstand the activity.  Some examples are:

  • Certain workstations can be inefficient and lead to excess strain
  • Playing sports that you are not yet conditioned for
  • Prolonged postures without regular movements
  • Using vibrating equipment
  • Lifting heavy objects on a regular basis

Repetitive use injuries can be caused by anything you do on a regular basis.  Carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, can be caused by a poorly designed desk set up at work, while shin splints can be the result of rigorous running or jumping.  Regardless of the cause, these injuries result in pain, inflammation and limited mobility.  If you are suffering with this type of problem, you may find that you are unable to go about your daily sports, work or activities in the same way you once did.  It’s important to treat these uncomfortable symptoms in order to eliminate pain and also to prevent further injury.

Our multi-disciplinary approach can help promote healing and help you get back to what you do best.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an excellent resource for easing muscle pain and tightness that can be caused by the injury itself, or by over correction of the other muscles in trying to compensate for your injury.    Massage can target specific areas, as well as related structures that may be feeling the effects of muscle strain.  Massage interventions can be ‘deep’ or ‘light’ depending on your need and preference.


This is a great option for repetitive use injuries as we are able to address the injury from a biomechanical standpoint.   Physiotherapy helps to strengthen muscles and alleviate pain.  Through the use of manipulation as well as guided exercise and other techniques we are able to identify and treat problematic areas and help prevent future injuries as well.


Acupuncture can be an effective treatment on its own, or in concert with other treatments.  Acupuncture has its roots in Chinese medicine and has been used for pain relief for all kinds of conditions.  Repetitive use injuries are no exception, and patients benefit from this ancient technique for virtually any problematic area of the body.


Many people think chiropractors only treat the spine, and while we do that too, that is not our only area of expertise.  Chiropractors use manual manipulation or adjustments to the spine and the extremities to improve gait and performance and, of course, to relieve pain.

If you are suffering with a repetitive use injury, call us for a consultation to see how we can help.  Our multi-disciplinary team can offer you a unique treatment plan to help you be free from pain, avoid pain medication and improve your flexibility.  Most of our services are covered by private insurance plans, so there’s no reason to hesitate.  Come see the Achieve Health difference for holistic pain management that really works.