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What to Expect at Your First Massage Therapy Visit

By August 5, 2016March 3rd, 2017Massage Therapy

Sometimes the fear of trying something new prevents people from receiving the benefits of a different treatment option.Massage therapy has many benefits, so do not let any unknowns stop you from experiencing it. To set your mind at ease, here is what to expect at your first massage therapy visit.

Health History  When you come in for your first appointment, we will discuss your health history. Please be honest! Even if you think something is unimportant, it may indirectly affect the treatment.

Assessment  Together we will design a treatment plan specific to your needs and concerns. There are a variety of techniques including, but not limited to, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilization, soft tissue release, muscle energy, Swedish, and Thai massage.

Undressing  We will leave the room for you to undress to your personal comfort level and then knock to ensure you’re ready before we re-enter. We are professionals, so there is no need to be embarrassed about your body.

Draping We are skilled in draping the sheet over you so you will never be exposed. We typically work on one body part at a time and that is the only part undraped.

Oil and Lotion Depending on the type of massage, oil or lotion may be used. We only use enough that it can be absorbed into the skin, so you should not feel greasy afterward. Please inform us beforehand if you have any allergies or concerns.

Feedback Please let us know if you have any preferences or issues regarding music, room temperature, or the pressure of the massage. We are happy to make adjusts to ensure you are completely comfortable.

Book Again After your massage, take your time getting ready to leave. The health benefits of massage therapy are often cumulative, so consider booking your next appointment before leaving.

Achieve Health provides comprehensive massage therapy services as well chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, and physiotherapy to best help our patients. Please contact us today to book an appointment or learn more. We are located in Victoria and serve those in the Greater Victoria area.